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Travestis escorts en Salt Lake City, UT
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Girl Friend Experience/ In Love For A Little While

To Whom It May Concern,

I am Molly and I am your dream girl, live sex toy, and cuddle buddy. I am pretty, mentally stable, and sexually receptive! My purpose is to make you happy and to satisfy and spoil you. I am so grateful that you would choose me. My Hero!

I am not a sleazy girl. I am the girl next door. My sexual body is easy to read. My favorite things are Kissing, Neck Kisses, Cuddling, and sucking my breasts. I enjoy exploring. Please share what you are interested in.

I am a happy and drama free girl. I repel negativity and refuse to participate. I am not a perfect person but I AM A NICE GIRL! I am a vegan girl which means I taste nice. My hobbies: Ornithology (bird watching), Wild plant foraging (Expanding my vegan diet), I like camping, and currently looking for a martial art to participate in.

Come and explore my body!

May today be the kind of day where everything goes your way. Always be happy until I am able to spoil you.


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    As I was walking I felt a breath of hot air and a wide wet tongue on my leg. I knew that surprise. It was my friend Clifford the great dane. I can always count on him to make me so happy. He is so big, handsome, and sweet. I often sit down so I can love that sweet pup. His owner always watches for a while and then walks over to try and talk to me. He thinks I hate him but it is because of the massive erection he always approaches me with that I am so awkward. It's so hard not to look at that big cock. I can only small talk for so long with that elephant in his pants. I am a good girl in real life and act like a lady! What would I do if reputation wasn't important? My friend is an incredibly hot man. I wish I could reach into his pants and play with it. I imagine it is hot and fat. I could pull his pants down and ride it. I want to rub our hot and hardness together. I want him to explode because I squirted on him. Holding his cheeks as our rhymthm flows as he pinned me to the wall. But. This is only a dream that will never come true because real life is different. I will never know what it's like to kiss him. I can only allow his boners as he watches me hug on his cute, amazing dog.

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